Very Rare Gaulois Tyres Double Sided Enamel Sign over 110 year old


Product Description

Gaulois Tyres were a French company operating out of London dating to around 1906 and were known to have exhibited at the 1908 Motor Show which had the following description in its catalogue:

Gaulois Tyres, 60 Gt. Marlborough Street, London, W. These well-known tyres are shown in all types — square, round, and non-skid tread in ordinary and special tourist grades, in which the rubber is of extra quality. In the non-skid tyres the studs are very securely fixed and specially hardened, giving great durability. Sections of these tyres are also shown in various sizes. A sample of a detachable expanding rim made under the Doolittle patents is exhibited. This has been very considerably improved by a new locking device, automatic in action, which keeps the rim secure quite independent of the contracting mechanism. A self-centering and driving stud has been fitted, and a cleverly thought-out lever device is shown, which renders fitting on new covers a very simple matter. The working of this rim is very interesting, and should be seen.

This double sided sign was made by “Willing & Co Ltd, London” and measures 20 inches in width by 12 inches in height (50cm x 31cm) and was hung from the top using chains.