Its Big its the Themis 5 litre single hand cranked petrol pump 1933


Product Description

This has to be one of the most beautiful Petrol Pumps dating back to 1933.  This particular Themis JS1 type single 5 ltr pump is  known as a Themis petrol pump and is French in origin.  The model number is 1997 and it is dated 1933.  It only shows a single 5 litre glass cylinder but it is a serious heavyweight pump with a high speed automatic filtration system and it is one of the first designs for this type of Themis hand-cranked visible pump.

So how big is big?  Well this pump is 8ft 4inches tall and 14 inches wide by 10 inches deep.  The base adds 1.5inches to the width and depth.

So how big is big?  Well this pump is 2m-54cm tall and 36cm wide by 26cm deep.  The base adds 3.5cm to the width and depth.

The pump was last worked on a farm in Normandy where it had been for around 20 years and was only decommissioned in 1987.  It started its life pumping Shell petrol before the station was taken over by Total petrol and then closing down around 1966 to make way for a new road.

The pump retains an original corded hose, visual glass and hand crank handle. (the reproduction globe in not included in the sale).