Erie 70 Electric Tumbler Petrol Pump circa 1937 to 1945:#709:AHOO


Product Description

This is an Erie early tumbler electric pump.  These pumps are very hard to find in the UK especially with the correct faces in shilling and pence (long before pounds were needed).  Made in Tulsa – Oklahoma in the late 1930s to mid 1940s.  Petrol was just 6 1/2 pence when this pump was last used!  This one was restored over 20 years ago with all its internals mechanisms now removed making it far more manageable.  The style of the pump is the classic art deco skyscraper which was very popular at the time.  The globe is a repro and is cracked and is only just surviving but displays OK when mounted and it comes with the pump.

As you can see with the pictures the light electrics work on one face and top making this a great display piece.