AA Garage lightbox / illuminated sign by Franco Signs: #749:BDOO


Product Description

Here we have super rare AA light box / illuminated sign and this one is in stunning condition with all 3 glass panels undamaged that are made by Franco signs. The glass panels are both to the front and rear and also to one side.  The fourth side is blank from where it would be sat against the wall.

Access to the internal part of the light box is via the panel underneath the sign for ease of access to change the bulb and has a working mechanism (slide bolts).

This sign has not been repainted or repaired and is in original condition.

The light box measures 24 inches high (top of the cowling centre point) and it is 20 inches wide (61 cm high by 51 cm wide).

Although you can see the electrics are working, the sign has not been PAT tested.