1920s Hart Batteries accumulators illuminated lightbox sign: #549:FOO


Product Description

Here we have a very rare Harts Batteries illuminated lightbox from the 1920s.  This sign is exceptional rare and has had some restoration undertaken (see below).  The business was started in 1898 and was brought up in 1929 by National.

The lightbox measures 20 inches square and is 6 inches in depth.

So what is original?  The main frame is original.  One glass main side panel and the end glass panel are both original.

So what has been restored?  The original wiring was removed and replaced with an LED strip light.  The access panel welds were rotted, so we have added screws to the hinges so that it now works correctly.  One glass main side panel has been replaced.

Please examine all the pictures.

This lightbox is very rare indeed.  Note I also have a Harts Batteries enamel sign for sale.