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  • Texaco Crystalite Lamp Oil double sided enamel:#325:CHO

  • Texaco double sided enamel sign

  • Texaco Golden Motor Oil enamel sign

  • The Liverpool & London & Globe garage warning sign: #601:AOO

  • Three in One Oil / 3in1 Oil enamel garage sign: #577:CBO

  • Total Petrol enamel sign French, dated 1962:#341:AOO

  • Vacuum Motor Car Oils double sided enamel sign #458:CIO

  • Various Quart sized Motor Oil Bottles

  • Vehicle Testing Station (MOT) Garage Enamel Sign: #581:AAO

  • Very Rare Gaulois Tyres Double Sided Enamel Sign over 110 year old

  • Very Rare Mercedes Benz enamel sign: #DEO:432

  • Vickers Oils five gallon drum with dispensing tap