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  • A Large Goodyear enamel sign elliptical shaped:#299:BHG

  • A Naked Shellmex Hailware Globe:#328:BDO

  • A small Dunlop Stock enamel sign:#BFB:525

  • A Very Rare TripleX Stockist Advertising Glass Sign:#392:AHO

  • AA Garage 1950’s Light Box Original Franco Sign, Glass and Working:#AF00:300

  • AA Garage double sided hanging enamel sign

  • AA Garage enamel sign Shield:#326:AEO

  • AA Garage lightbox / illuminated sign by Franco Signs: #749:BDOO

  • AA Garage single sided enamel sign#745:COO

  • AA Motor Park double sided directional enamel sign (never displayed) #216:AEO

  • AA Motorcycle double sided sign:#327:EEO

  • AA Royston Cambridge Ware London Road Enamel Sign – now sold